Find out what you need to visit Canada as a tourist or business person, how to extend your stay in Canada and what documents you need to carry with you to transit through Canada. I want to visit
Apply to study in Canada, extend your study permit and get information about working while you study or after you graduate. I want to study
Work permit requirements and applications for foreign workers, live-in caregivers, business people and students. I want to work
Immigration programs you can apply for and information about Express Entry for skilled workers, applications for family sponsorship, caregivers, start-up visas and refugees. I want to immigrate.


Find out how you can immigrate to Canada, what immigration programs you can apply for and information about Express Entry for skilled workers, applications for family sponsorship, caregivers, start-up visas and refugees.



The immigration lawyer partner at BRAXCA offers a full range of legal services. We emphasize business and employer-side applications. Our partner lawyers deal with citizenship, work permits, visas, study permits and permanent resident status for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, large-scale investors and their families.

  • Brazilians employee recruitment
  • Intra-company transfers from Brazil offices
  • Labour Market Opinion (LMO) and exemption applications
  • Implications of NAFTA, GATS, International Free Trade Agreements
  • Performing artists (with/without work permit)
  • Permanent Residence applications
  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)
  • Visitor visas (professional and business)
  • Student visas (ESL Courses and Universities)


Citizenship and Immigration Canada regularly requests translation of documents that are not in English or French with applications submitted to the visa offices abroad, Canadian embassies and inland processing centers. Our translators are members of the Society of Translators and Interpreters, together we provide quality translation of documents for immigration purposes.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver License
  • Identification Document
  • Diploma & Certification
  • Affidavits & Testimony
  • Job Letter & Awards
  • Police certificate
  • Passport stamps


The BRASXCA Visitor, Student and Work Abroad partners are here to assist you with questions you may have and to provide you with opportunities for intercultural living and enriching Canadian experiences. Plan your travel, day of arrival and learn more about settlement support including renting, hotel, taxi and first-days accommodation.

  • Housing
  • Daily Life
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Community
  • Employment
  • Financial Services
  • Settlement Assistance




Find out how to immigrate to Saskatchewan temporarily or permanently through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and other immigration options.



What You Need to Know About Visitor Visas in Canada?

Canada is home to millions of visitors each year.  In fact, more than 35 million people visit Canada every year to enjoy the many opportunities our country has to offer, including visiting family and friends.

If you wish to come to Canada for a temporary purpose like a vacation, or to visit family or friends, you may need a ‘Temporary Resident Visa’, unless you are a citizen from a “visa exempt” country like the USA or Australia.

A Temporary Resident Visa’  is often referred to as a TRV in our industry.  You will most likely need to file Form IMM 5257.  Form IMM 5257 is used by individuals who want to apply for a TRV to visit Canada for a temporary purpose such as tourism, visiting family or friends, or business trips.

What You Need to Know About Canadian Study Permits?

More than 130,000 students come to study in Canada every year and even more come to Canada to learn English or French.  There is no reason why this cannot be you too!

If you intend to study in Canada, you will likely need a ‘Study Permit’. A Study Permit is issued by the Canadian government which gives you permission to study in Canada for a temporary period. In most cases, the Study Permit specifies the particular educational institution and course of study.

If want to study in Canada, you will need to file Form IMM 1294.  This form is used by individuals who want to apply for a study permit. Approved study permits may be limited to study at a certain school, or a certain course of study.

Study Permits are temporary resident visas (TRV) and so when you are entering Canada, you will be required to show an officer that you will be studying in Canada only for a temporary period.

What You Need to Know About Canadian Work Permit & Visa process?

Working in Canada is an attractive option for many skilled workers from all over the world.  Each year, close to 200,000 foreign skilled workers come to work in Canada on Temporary Work Permits. There is no reason why this cannot be you too!

In order to work in Canada on a temporary basis, foreign skilled workers must have a temporary offer of employment from a Canadian employer and be granted a Temporary Work Permit by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

If you are applying for a PR card, you can also apply via an ‘Open Work’ permit and if you are American or Mexican you can fast track the working visa process via the NAFTA agreement.

What You Need to Know About Getting a Permanent Residence in Canada?

Canada is a land of opportunity and thousands and thousands of people get their PR card status in Canada every single year.  If fact, Canada has been increasing the numbers of successful applicants to over 280,000 people per year, and you have equal opportunity just like those people.

As a permanent resident, you receive great opportunities and benefits in Canada. Having a PR card allows you to live, work and study in Canada on a permanent basis.  The PR Card is normally issued for 5 years and can be renewed.

Have You Been Refused Entry to Canada?

Have you tried to enter Canada and were refused? Or do you think you may be refused if you try to enter Canada?  We know that it is a very stressful and disrupting experience.

You Have Options!

When it comes to being refused entry into Canada, it is important you deal with the situation properly. Whether you have a criminal record like a DUI or something even more serious, you may still be admitted into Canada as long as you have the ‘right’ paperwork in order.

You will most likely need to file a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) application which is a ‘Form IMM 5708’.

Form IMM 5708 is the official document issued by a Canadian visa office that is placed in your passport to indicate that you have met the requirements for admission to Canada as a temporary resident (either as a visitor, a student, or a worker).

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BRAXCA is backed by the latest knowledge in immigration case processing and its network of licensed, trained and experienced immigration lawyers whom represent Ligia’s vision of providing the very best, most efficient and cost-effective Canadian immigration and visa services available. I am a proud Brazilian living happily in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Although BRAXCA try to make its information accurate and useful, you should consult a lawyer to interpret and apply this information to your particular situation. Ligia is not a lawyer nor a certified immigration consultant. In some respects, the fact that she is not a legal professional gives this website a fresh and different perspective - which is positive.


BRAXCA provide Brazilian with affordable, adequate and expeditious Canadian immigration solutions. Ligia strives to help open the door so that you, your relative, friend or employee from Brazil can visit, study, work or live in Canada. BRAXCA is an extension of who I am, my own satisfaction and fulfillment is tied to its success.










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